Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets PDF

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harry potter and the Chamber of secrets pdf

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Summary of The Chamber of Secrets

jk rowling directors cutHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is filled with many themes. One such theme is Harry realizing that there is a difference between his personal identity and his destiny. Throughout the book, the ideologies of class prejudice are shown by various relations with the Weasleys from other, more wealthy students. We see how Lord Voldemort came to be through multiple flashbacks; we can understand the author’s thoughts on how a person can determine who they are, themselves, and how outside influences and the person’s reactions to those forces can also help identify their personal identity. Indeed, some would say that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is full of the author’s understanding of social ideologies, and how people can overcome these paradigms, or even shift them.

Harry starts his summer in the house of his horrid aunt and uncle and is constantly harassed by his cousin. His family is afraid of his magical talents, therefore, attempted to push him as far away from them as possible, by making Harry as miserable as they possibly can. Harry is looking forward to returning to Hogwarts, to be reunited with his friends at the end of the summer, but the house-elf Dobby shows up to warn Harry of the dangers of returning to the school. When Harry is determined to go back to the school to see his friends and escape his family, Dobby sabotages the party. When Harry is made a prisoner in his room, he is more determined than ever to return to Hogwarts and is assisted by the Weasley brothers in his escape. At the end of the summer, Harry believes he will be leaving behind all the false accusations and reprimands, but it has only just begun. Download PDF

As more and more students fall victim to petrification, the feeling of dire desperation rises amongst the staff as well as the students. There are many whispers about the history of the Chamber of Secrets, and Harry, Ron and Hermione choose to face their fears and fight against those that bring such hard times to their magical school, despite warnings, threats, and even personal danger that lands Hermione in the infirmary ward.


harry james potter pdfEven the professors of Hogwarts are not safe during this time. Past secrets are revealed about several of the teachers, including the secret that Hagrid had, somehow, managed to keep hidden from the trio of friends up until now. It seems, however, that Hagrid’s past expulsion from the school may now be returning to haunt him, as the events surrounding his previous removal appear to be occurring once more.


As the story unfolds, we learn the painful past of the former student Tom Riddle and how his trials and tribulations cost him his conscience. Slowly erasing his identity as Tom Riddle, and replacing it with that of Lord Voldemort, he who shall not be named. Eventually, the truth behind the occurrences is found out, and the school, the professors, and the students may all rest once more, thanks to the trio of flawed friends who show such courage and teamwork throughout the book.